Ear Molding: A little known alternative treatment for correcting infant ear deformities

When my fourth son Augie was born, one of his ears looked a little ‘off.’  His ear looked a bit smooshed and I thought maybe it was from the birth, his position in the womb, or even from breastfeeding and that it would correct itself.  It really wasn’t anything too extreme and I wasn’t that worried about it.  However, by the time he was 6 weeks old, it started to become more and more prominent and very pointed at the top.

Here is a picture of his ear before:



After some research, I discovered that he had an ear deformity called Stahl’s Bar and that it could be corrected as an infant by wearing an ear mold. I was so excited to discover that his ear could be reshaped without surgery and that it seemed to be an easy fix.


I eagerly contacted my pediatrician and asked for a recommendation to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor so we could begin the ear molding process as soon as possible, as it was time sensitive.


Long story short, after wasting two weeks of my time, I was surprised to discover that the ENT had no idea what I was talking about and had never heard of ear molding.  After further research, I discovered that there is an ear mold in the U.S. that can be placed by a plastic surgeon, called an EarWell (a big, bulky plastic contraption, covering the entire ear) that has a cost of $3500.  Insane.  Now, I didn’t do the research as to whether or not this would have been covered by our insurance, because even if it was covered, at a co-pay of 20%, we would have been looking at a cost of $700 for the device, not to mention the cost for the plastic surgeon.  No thanks.


Thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with any of that because I found this awesome, simple device made in the UK called Earbuddies (that I was able to do myself) for a grand total of $180 American dollars.  HOLLA!  My baby wore it for 8 weeks (the length of time worn is dependant on the child’s age when placed) and his ear is beautiful now!

Here is a picture of Augie wearing his Earbuddies:



The mold is a bendable piece of plastic, with medical adhesive tape applied to hold it in place.  After this step, there were two thicker strips of tape that were applied over the entire ear to keep it in place.




Here is a picture of the Earbuddies kit:




It came with two ear molds, a beanie to cover the mold when out in public from prying eyes, a barrier spray to use before the placement of the tape and a cream for the skin in case any inflammation occurs.  Also included was a small electric shaver to shave the ear and surrounding hair, medical adhesive tape, and medical adhesive remover.


The first time placing the mold was a little tricky, as his ear wasn’t naturally in the correct shape yet.  Many hands were needed!  Thankfully I was able to nurse him to sleep so that he remained still (which I highly recommend, if possible) and then my husband held the mold and his ear in place while I applied the tape.  That was it! Voila!


We changed the tapes every two weeks to let it breathe and to give his ear a good cleaning.  Here are the results of his ear mold after just eight weeks! Amazing!




It has now been two months since removing the mold and here is his ear!  I am so happy (and quite frankly, in awe) with the results!




As a disclaimer, I have not been sponsored for this post. (However, Augie did win “Ear of the Month” for February 2018 over at Earbuddies!) I am simply sharing something that I found to be a great deal, and will affect my sweet babies life in the positive for the rest of his life!  Is having a ‘weird’ ear the end of the world?  No.  But if there is an easy, non-surgical and inexpensive fix, of course, I’m going to do it.  I am so very grateful to Earbuddies for providing this simple, affordable, DIY fix for my baby’s ear and am truly amazed at the results.  THANK YOU!




5 thoughts on “Ear Molding: A little known alternative treatment for correcting infant ear deformities

  1. So very proud of you, Erin, for being so pro-active about Augie’s ear! It looks great, and you did a good job finding out about all of that. I wouldn’t even know what I would’ve done, if I was in the same position! Good job!


  2. WOW. That is incredible! Thank God you did your research; I can’t believe the ENT didn’t know about it. Augie’s ear looks amazing and he is adorable! Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

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